Operations Management Simulation

Note: This course is held in German.

In order to minimise the costs and risks associated with experiments in the real world, it is advisable to map and test optimisations of production processes in a simulation first. In the Operations Management Simulation (OMaS) course, you will learn the basics of modelling and simulation with Anylogic. In a mixture of classroom teaching, practical tutorials and exercises, you will get to know the three modelling methods "Agent-based modelling (AM)", "Modelling of dynamic systems (DS)" and "Event-oriented modelling (EM)". There will be an excursion to a company in Hanover, whose production processes will be simulated in a term paper and research questions from Operations Management will be answered.

→ What can you expect?

In this course, you will learn the basics of modelling and simulation. You will learn how to use the AnyLogic modelling software and practise creating simulations using tutorials and exercises on business management topics such as simulating a market, wind turbine maintenance, a job shop or the production process for glass bottles.

→ What requirements should you fulfil?

You should be in the 5th or 6th semester of your Bachelor's degree in Economics, Industrial Engineering or Production and Logistics. You should also have successfully completed Operations Management and have an interest in issues relating to the design of industrial production processes, as well as a willingness to familiarise yourself with new software.

→ How does the course work?

The course comprises a total of five block courses and an excursion in presence. In addition, there are three tutorials and exercises, one for each modelling method, to be completed independently. Successful completion of the three compulsory modelling exercises is a prerequisite for admission to the examination. The examination consists of working on a practical problem and writing a short term paper. The module comprises 5 CP.